As a continuum of Sheikh Abdulrahman Saad Al Rashid prominent business ventures , ARTAR's investment mandate was established on a strong historic background of successful investment stories like the RTCC, SSEM ,SMCH, AlRashid-Abetong ,Golden Chicken, ITSO and many other successful ventures.

     Currently Artar business network spans the globe. Artar has strategic relationships with most reputable global and regional financial intuitions in the fields of investment and corporate banking and asset management in addition to its business partnerships and affairs with well known public and private industrial and conglomerate family groups. Such relationships have generated an extraordinary deal flow of investment opportunities in several sectors and in all continents.

    Artar embarked on maintaining the legacy of success by continually developing a more sophisticated criteria platform for screening, selecting, managing, and reporting investment portfolios in most asset classes, sectors and geographic distribution. From direct deals in complex equity and mezzanine financing, capital markets portfolios and funds of all kinds to derivative instruments for hedging or arbitrage and opportunistic trading, Artar always maintained a dynamic balance between liquidity, risk and return factors.

    Through its short life, Artar’s track record have proved that strategic vision, precise due diligence and comprehensive risk assessment are a successful combination for steady and firm progress.



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