Al Rashid towers

Location: Jeddah

Built-up area: 30,000 m2

      The project consists of three residential towers overlooking the Red Sea and each one is composed of eleven floors. In each floor there is an apartment with 700 m2 area. The apartment contains a special section for guests and dining room with a view on the sea, and 4 bedrooms each has a private bathroom, and one designed as a complete ward with the servants section and a 35 m2 balcony to the sea. In the ground floor and mezzanine, there is a drivers’ room and a warehouse for each apartment, as well as there is a car parking for each apartment in the basement and another one in the outside parking area. The towers were designed well so as each one not to obscure the vision of the sea, also examined each apartment so one can see the sea from all rooms. The towers buildings constitute 30% (10000 m2) of the total land area and the remaining space allocated for gardens and a health club with gym and the swimming pool. All the towers are tiled of marble on the entire façades and the entire floor of apartments as well.

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