Al Olaya Residential Compound

Location: Riyadh

Built-up area: -

Duration: -


     The compound is in a strategic area in the city of Riyadh, where it mediates between Altakhasosi Road and King Fahd Road, and is bounded from the south by Khurais Road. All those are the most important roads in the city of Riyadh. This compound has been established on an area of 2.000 m2, comprises of 7 independent villas, where they have its privacy. Each one consists of three bedrooms in addition to the main bedroom with its private bathroom in the second floor. The first floor contains a room of guests and dining room in addition to the TV lounge and the hall of kitchen and other facilities above which a maid room with its bathroom. There is also a driver’s room at the main entrance of the villa. Each villa has its two private parks, and inside they share of the garden and the swimming pool. There is also a hall for a large mixed-use.


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